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Our Local Partners

Strong Arm Bakery, Oxford, NC

Strong Arm Baking is all about making delicious treats with local, wholesome ingredients to help church up your breakfast, lunch or dinner table! Located in downtown Oxford.

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Picture Perfect Picnics,  Raleigh, NC

Melissa started Picture Perfect Picnics in the Spring of 2020. She love picnics because you can learn so much about a region and culture by picking up some simple goodies at the local market. Without the fuss of preparing an elaborate meal or spending loads of money at a fancy restaurant, you can slow down and absorb the heart of a community. Stretching your bare-feet out on a blanket with some sumptuous goodies pulls you back in time, and heightens your senses. You begin to appreciate simple things such as the warm sun on your face, the smells of exotic flowers, the buzz of the locals chatting in the park, and the taste of simple, quality foods. Picnics take you back to a time when things moved at a slower pace you could spend your care-free days outdoors all day!

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Full Swing Farm  Louisburg, NC

Growing seasonal produce in soil that is enhanced with all biological based fertilizers and free of synthetic sprays. The main focus is on building microbial and bacterial activity in soil to ensure nutrient dense and body enriching food.

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Hickory Heat, NC

Hickory Heat started from a 20 year old hot sauce recipe that Crazy Uncle Phil and the Doc put together a long time ago. All the peppers are grown in the family gardens in the good ol’ soil next to Lake Hickory. Over the years it has been tested and tried by many friends and family members who all agree on one thing, this is the good stuff. Always fresh, always delicious, and of course, always hot. They decided to share this amazing hot sauce with the rest of the world. From their family to your family, enjoy this spicy little treat with all of your family meals.

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Junie B's Bake Shop, Raleigh, NC

Junie B’s Bake Shop is a family business taking cookies and cookie dough to the next level! Founded in 2018, by two Raleigh natives, Junie B’s Bake Shop is focused on providing fresh, quality products made from scratch in small batches. These products are made using quality ingredients that you can pronounce! Never any gums or extra additives. Junei B's cookie dough is crafted utilizing pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour to ensure every bite is deliciously edible AND bakeable! 

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Femme Fromage, Wake Forest, NC

Femme Fromage consists of two besties from high school, Gabby & Natasha. They share a passion in creating beautiful charcuterie boards. Over the years they've gotten so many requests to teach people how to make charcuterie boards, and a number of requests to order one as well. They love sharing their creativity and love for creating these masterpieces and that’s how Femme Fromage NC came to be!

They offer how-to classes, parties, wine and cheese tastings, ladies night in parties, team building classes for companies/businesses, and customized charcuterie boards and boxes to order!

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The Elderberry Lady, Cary NC

Kristyn started making elderberry syrup several years ago when her young daughter caught the flu. After introducing many friends to it, they encouraged her to start selling and her business was born. Since then, she has sold thousands of jars, far exceeding anything she could have dreamed. Their syrup is produced in a commercial kitchen and is inspected by the Department of Agriculture. They use the highest quality ingredients and they spread a little love with each jar sold. She is mom to 3 sweet babies. Two are school aged and she homeschools them. Visit them on facebook.


Dean's Greens

Locally grown in Louisburg, NC on The Hudson Manor Estate grounds, we are quickly becoming one of the Triangle's premier sources for microgreens and other organic produce.  Studies suggest that microgreens may contain high concentrations of nutrients compared to mature vegetables and herbs. Due to their high antioxidant content, microgreens are considered a functional food that promotes health and prevents disease.

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Papa Spuds, Cary NC

Papa Spud's is a farm to fork delivery service, working to bring the entire NC food landscape to your front door! Since 2008, they have been expanding their network of local growers and food artisans, and are happy to be able to offer over 200 food products a week, and still growing! Their goal is to greatly improve access to local foods in our community through transparency, communication, affordability, and the convenience of our delivery infrastructure.

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Heritage Market, Wake Forest, NC

A quaint local market conveniently located at the crossroads of Burlington Mill Road & Ligon Mill Road. They offer our speciality chicken salads & lemon bar treats as well as locally made products, wine, craft beers and unique groceries.

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Rocking Chair Farms, NC

They are a family-owned and operated microgreen farm! Specializing in growing the finest microgreens and wheatgrass.

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AR Workshop, Raleigh NC

Owner Kasey Wright has been a long time DIY lover.  Her passion for home decor, design and gathering friends and family together launched her to opening a branch of AR Workshop in Raleigh. Kasey is thrilled to share the Boutique DIY Workshop concept with Raleigh and the surrounding area. The Lemon Tree is excited to partner with Kasey & provide a delightful selection of Lemon Tree goodies for her special events.

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Helping Hands, Wake Forest NC

Helping Hands is a group based in Wake Forest, NC that is ready, willing and able to help families experiencing critical/chronic medical issues that are devastating their family life. Mostly they provide meals so the families can feel supported and not go broke buying convenience foods or lose that family feeling that so many rely on to keep us bonded.  The Lemon Tree is honored to be chosen as one of the local restaurants.

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